Premises Liability Attorneys In Atlanta

From Slip-And-Falls To Animal Attacks, We Aggressively Pursue Compensation

Premises liability claims can be made for almost any injury that occurs on someone else’s property. If you have been seriously injured on private or public property, you might have a claim that an experienced personal injury attorney can help you pursue for just compensation.

Injuries suffered in elevators, in building corridors, at stores, in hotels and outdoors on private or public land might warrant a premises liability claim.

At the Stone Law Group, our premises liability attorneys in Atlanta and Blakely represent individuals who have been injured while on the property of a business, government entity or individual.

Premises liability claims that we can help you pursue include:

  • Slip-and-fall injury
  • Trip-and-fall injury
  • Injury from a falling object
  • Electrical injury
  • Animal attack (dog bite) injury
  • Injuries or loss from a crime committed as a consequence of inadequate security
  • Crimes perpetrated by unqualified employees not properly screened prior to employment

The Advantages Of Pursuing Your Case With The Stone Law Group

Our team has decades of experience throughout the Southeast, and we are not limited by state boundaries. We build cases for trial from the very beginning. Our lawyers have tried cases in state and federal courts in many jurisdictions, and we know how to maximize your compensation for past, present and future needs.

We will take an all-hands-on-deck approach to investigating and preparing your case. Our lawyers can take the legal burden off your shoulders, and we cover all upfront costs of investigation and litigation.

We will stand up for you, and we know how to counter the opposition by going into negotiations and trial fully prepared. We will be your advocates and will work only in your best interests.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, it is critical to consult with a knowledgeable, trial-tested personal injury lawyer about your full legal options.

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We handle most cases on a contingent fee basis, which allows injured individuals and businesses access to legal representation and justice.