Who pays for lost wages after an accident?

A serious injury from a car accident can result in missed time at work. It can even result in permanent injuries that affect your ability to work and earn a living in the future.

If someone else caused the accident that resulted in your injuries, their insurance company is responsible for paying for your losses, including past and future lost wages. However, until you have reached what is known as "maximum medical improvement," you may not know the extent of those losses.

Many people make the mistake of settling their accident claims too quickly, before they know how their injury will affect them in the future. Here are some things to consider before you accept a settlement:

  • Will you need future medical care, such as surgery? If so, this will result in both medical bills and missed time at work.
  • If you suffer a permanent injury, how will it affect your work? For example, a spinal injury can affect your ability to sit for long periods of time. You may need special accommodations in the workplace.

The insurance company of the party who caused your injury will not pay for lost wages or any other expenses until your case is resolved by verdict or settlement. Until your case is resolved, you will need to find other ways to pay your bills. Your employer may offer short-term disability benefits to replace lost wages. You may have other options, such as loan with your personal injury settlement as security.

Resolving medical, wage loss and other issues after a car accident can be very complex. An experienced attorney can help you recover the maximum amount of compensation to meet your needs now and in the future.

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