Potential treatments for spasticity

One of the more catastrophic types of injuries that may happen in a car or construction accident in Georgia is an injury to the spinal cord. Spinal cord lesions sometimes occur as a result of accidents, and the lesions can lead to a problem called spasticity.

This condition happens when motor neurons are hyperexcited. This can result in permanent disability. Motor neurons located in the spinal cord help control the contraction of muscles. When hyperexcitability happens, people may suffer from involuntary contractions, making it very difficult for them to walk and carry on other tasks.

Spasticity is partially caused by sodium-ion channels remaining open. French researchers have discovered that spasticity happens because the channels become unregulated. The researchers tested two different types of treatment to address the deregulation of the channels in rats. One of the molecules they tested, a calpain inhibitor, helped to restore the functioning of sodium channels over a period of 10 days, and continuing positive effects were still seen a month later. The other molecule, riluzole, works by inhibiting the current of sodium itself. While it did help to reduce spasticity, its effects were temporary and dissipated after its use was discontinued.

Spinal cord injuries are often devastating for people who suffer from them. They may leave victims with permanent disabilities and a loss of their ability to earn a living. People who are injured in this way may want to talk to their doctors about the new possible treatments for spasticity. If their injuries occurred as the result of a car accident that was due to another driver's negligence, they may also want to speak to a personal injury attorney to see if filing a lawsuit seeking compensation from the at-fault motorist would be an advisable course of action.

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