Understanding more about pedestrian accidents

Georgia residents might benefit from understanding more about the facts associated with pedestrian accidents, as described by the Federal Highway Administration. According to the FHWA, over 70 percent of all pedestrian fatalities occur at midblock locations. The higher fatality and injury rate realized midblock may be due to motorists traveling at higher speeds while traveling through these areas. Statistics indicate that over 80 percent of pedestrian deaths happen when the vehicle is traveling at least 40 miles per hour.

However, fewer than 10 percent of the pedestrian fatalities occur when the vehicle is moving at 20 miles per hour or less. The FHWA claims that utilizing pedestrian hybrid beacons, otherwise known as high intensity activated crosswalks, can help reduce the rate of pedestrian fatalities and injuries that occur midblock. The apparatuses are equipped with flashing yield lights and a 'WALK" indicator to help regulate the flow of traffic in these areas.

Officials at the FHWA believe that these hybrid beacons could help reduce pedestrian crashes by almost 70 percent, and the total number of crashes by nearly 30 percent. However, the FHWA states that the use of these beacons should be restricted to areas that have a marked crosswalk available as well. The pedestrian beacons are designed to be implemented on midblocks where the rate of traffic does not allow pedestrians to safely cross the roadway.

A pedestrian with the right of way who is hurt by a motorist may benefit from consulting a personal injury lawyer. Legal counsel can review the accident investigation report and other evidence in order to determine whether the driver was negligent and should thus be held financially responsible for the damages that the injured victim has incurred.

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