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The evolution of medical treatments for closed head injuries

A closed head injury is exactly what it sounds like. It's a severe brain injury that happens even though the surrounding structures of the skull and head remain relatively intact. This type of injury can result in severe and lasting brain damage and permanent disability, so it's important for doctors to continue research and advancements in how to treat this dangerous medical condition.

One of the biggest problems related to a closed head injury is the secondary injuries that can develop after the initial trauma due to swelling, blood clots and other complications.

The worst-case scenario following a traumatic brain injury

Severe and deadly traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can happen just as easily during a car accident as they can when someone slips while walking down the street. In the worst cases of TBI, victims experience life-altering, or even life-ending, consequences.

Here are the four worst things that can happen to a severe brain injury patient following such an accident:

What's phantom pain after a limb amputation?

Imagine you lost your leg in a catastrophic car accident. Even though your leg is gone, you strangely still feel like it's there. Not only that, but the missing leg hurts.

If you've had a limb amputated, you probably know about phantom pain, the sensation of continuing to feel your limb after an amputation and long after the wound has healed.

Lost wages can be a serious financial issue after a car crash

Getting into a serious motor vehicle collision can quickly change your life. One of the areas that is often immediately impacted is your financial situation. There are a lot of potential expenses related to motor vehicle collisions. First of all, you need to worry about the cost to repair or replace your vehicle. Then, there's the price of all the medical care you need for a full recovery from your injuries. Those amounts add up to billions in losses for American drivers each year.

However, that is not where the financial impact ends of an injurious collision. In fact, it may only be the beginning. In addition to incurring major, potentially ongoing, expenses, you will likely face the loss of a regular income while you recover. Many kinds of injuries can leave you unable to work, which can be a terrible problem for someone with an ever-growing stack of medical bills.

When is a doctor responsible for a birth injury?

When parents have a viable cause of action to pursue a birth injury case, they will usually pursue a liability lawsuit against the doctor or surgeon who treated the mother while she was pregnant or giving birth. If successfully navigated, such a lawsuit could bring the parents money to pay for the baby's medical care and other damages caused by the birth injury.

That said, not all birth injuries were the fault of a doctor or surgeon. In fact, in many cases, a birth injury happens naturally and no one is to blame.

Who can file a wrongful death claim in Georgia?

When it comes to the loss of a loved one, no one will completely understand your grief and pain. Even worse, if your loved one was a spouse, who helped contribute to family income, you and your family are probably suffering financially in addition to the intense emotional pain that comes with the death of someone you love.

In order to help you reach a sense of closure, and recoup some of the financial losses you have incurred, you might want to look into whether there is the possibility of filing a wrongful death action related to your loved one's loss.

Premises liability: Do you have a claim?

When you step on to someone else's property, your favorite clothing store in Atlanta for example, you expect a certain measure of safety. In other words, you do not expect to come into contact with dangerous conditions that might cause you harm. Unfortunately, this does occur. Maybe the floor at the supermarket was wet and you slipped. Or, perhaps the carpet in your doctor's office was torn and caught your shoe, causing you to trip. When accidents like these occur, premises liability comes into play.

In general, premises liability has to do with a property owner's (or other occupant's) duty to people that come on the property.

Dealing with a brain injury after a car accident

Brain injuries -- depending on their severity -- can result in lifelong disabilities. Even a relatively minor brain injury can affect a victim's daily life for months after an accident.

Disabilities that affect a brain injury victim might include cognitive deficiencies, emotional and psychological problems and physical disabilities related to one's motor skills. These can lead to an inability to work, problems with romantic and friendship relationships, and more.

Automated safety systems in vehicles save lives

Every year it seems that automakers come out with a new safety gadget. Although many of these technologies might seem "gimmicky," new research shows that some of them are actually saving lives.

Two recent studies reveal that cars equipped with automated monitoring systems get in fewer vehicle collisions than normal cars. According to the studies, the technology could prevent tens of thousands of crashes every year if all cars were equipped.

I got hurt in a car accident caused by a domestic animal

Cows, horses and pigs are large, docile animals that you'll find on many Georgia farms. These animals have no place, however, in the middle of the road, where they can cause catastrophic and fatal car accidents.

Imagine you were driving through the country on a Sunday afternoon, and suddenly a cow walks in the middle of your vehicle's path. If you strike the cow, not only could it kill the animal, but could also kill or seriously injure you and the other occupants of your vehicle. Who is liable for financial damages relating to a domesticated animal crash like this?