Fatalities from drunk driving accidents a serious issue

In 2013, 22 people died in drunk driving accidents in Fulton County. Between 2009 and 2012, another 77 people were killed in these crashes.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics indicate that from 2009 through 2013, a total of 99 people died in drunk driving accidents in Fulton County. In 2013, both Fulton and Dekalb Counties experienced 22 of these fatalities-more than any other county in the state.

In Cobb County, there were 18 drunk driving deaths and in Chatham County there were 10 such deaths. Gwinnett and Troup Counties both experienced 10 deaths at the hands of drunk drivers.

Statewide, 297 people died in accidents involving alcohol that year. That number is dramatically higher than the prior two years. In 2012, 180 people died in alcohol-involved crashes and in 2011 that number was 220.

Drunk driving crashes all too frequent

A quick online search for drunk driving accidents in Atlanta returns far too many sad stories. A look at AJC.com reports includes the following:

  • In the northwestern area of Atlanta, a 43-year-old motorcyclist was killed after being hit head-on by an alleged drunk driver. The driver of the car was reportedly on the wrong side of the road at the time of the crash. He has been charged with vehicular homicide in the first degree and driving under the influence among other things.
  • Near Fulton County's border with Clayton County, two adults and three children were the victims of a tragic drunk driving crash. A pickup truck driven by a suspected drunk driver hit another vehicle head-on. One of the adults and two of the children died while the other adult and child were injured and taken to a hospital. The at-fault driver was found to be on probation for another DUI offense only months earlier.
  • In southeast Atlanta, a three-car crash left one man dead and another in the hospital. The accident was caused after a driver believed to be intoxicated failed to stop at a red light.
  • The failure to navigate a curve in the road caused a suspected drunk driver to go over the median and strike an oncoming car. One man died while four other people, including a child, were injured in the crash. The driver of the vehicle that crossed the median has been charged with DUI, vehicular homicide and driving on a suspended license.

Accidents like these impact many people including those directly involved and family members and friends alike.

People who have suffered injuries or the loss of loved ones due to the negligence of a drunk driver deserve help. Anyone in this situation should contact an attorney to discuss their options.